Back, with a new purpose

It’s hard to know where to begin after an absence of more than a year. I’ve finished grad school, of course, and I’m ready to take on the world. But in, perhaps, a different way from other times in my life. I’ve taken to the open road, with plans to write, freelance, teach and, of course, blog. Part of the plan is a weekly digital storytelling upload. I won’t begin to suggest a trajectory for these stories; they’ll largely depend upon my mood and what I’ve experienced or am thinking about. I’d like to believe there will be humor involved, but whatever shape it takes, it’ll be authentic to the emotion of the moment. And sometimes those emotions surprise me and I have no idea what’s sloshing under the surface until I begin to write and put the thing together. And so, to start, my first digital story is an essay entitled “Freedom of Movement.” It’s a sort of explanation, at least as much as I’m able to explain, about why I’m doing what I’m doing. It’s next. Thank you for reading and safe travels.




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