More MIA

Headlong in the last semester of my MFA in creative nonfiction with Goddard College. Been a heck of a ride with lots learned, plenty of melt-down moments and growth. Sometimes — oftentimes — painful moments of growth. Won’t breathe a sigh of relief until the semester’s end and my thesis makes its way. Torn, though. Hate to see this journey that I’ve loved — and hated, at moments — end. But it’s time. Time for the next adventure, the next journey.

Belly dance has been my constant companion during my MFA journey. And will be as I complete my degree, with live performances. (Hard to believe that I’ve been dancing for 2 1/4 years now.) Had the strange — and flattering — experience of being introduced as a belly dancer recently. Strange, since I still think of belly dance as something I do, not a part of my identity, who I am. But fun, nonetheless.

And all of this as a long-winded way of saying my missing in action blogging status will likely remain, at least through summer.

Dance. Read. Write. Live. Explore. Love.



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