From the Dad file…

From our standing Sunday morning chat. Was telling Dad that, all of a sudden and kinda all at once, life is pretty darned good. On all fronts. (Don’t believe in compartmentalizing because it all slops over and influences, I think.) Of course not all gets shared — here or with Dad. But I’m finding myself in love with life and feeling the flow. He long ago gave up trying to understand some parts of my psyche, so we don’t even go there. But he’s a loving sort. And, from his wheelchair and into the phone, had this to say:

Enjoy it. Enjoy it while you can. Life doesn’t last long.

Then he laughed at my half-cocked grumblings about a 74-year-old belly dance instructor who’s kicking my butt. And told me about his seedlings on the rise and the cyclamen in need of a pot transplant.

Happy Father’s Day.



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