Relax, it’s good for you…

A one-time boyfriend was as annoyed as he was delighted by my need to slow down and see things, take them in and let an adventure or journey unfold in unexpected ways — a sudden need to swim in a cool stream or lake, plucking figs from a trail-side tree or watching a butterfly dance on the breeze. To me, it’s the delight of being human, present and fully alive. It’s also part of mindfulness, connecting with nature, others and coming to the — sometimes overwhelming — realization that we’re all interconnected.

Knew there was more to it than even that. And this HuffPo interview with Thich Nhat Hanh, a Buddhist monk, shows that there is. Slowing down to contemplate, reflect and simply be isn’t time wasted in a multitasking world. It’s time invested in healing, living fully and life.

Article here.


Love this quote:

Relationships are like a forest: it takes a long time to build up precious trust, but one really thoughtless act or remark can be like a lighted match that destroys everything.


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