Oh, yes. I love, love, love being a girl (although I prefer to call myself a woman)

One of my heroines, Eve Ensler, talking about embracing your inner girl — which is directed at both men and women. And, yes, patriarchy has, I think, fucked up the planet and its inhabitants. Too busy to get atop my soap box at the moment. But I’ll leave you, dear reader, with this: Embrace yourself, your soul and your emotions, toss aside the zero sum games that insist someone must lose for another to win, and don’t be so damned eager to please but do be eager to love. That’s the power of feminism, I think. It’s rooted in love ,compassion, resilience and strength.

Enjoy Eve.


P.S. Thank you, Lori, for posting this on Facebook.


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  1. Some really true and thought provoking stuff here.

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