Dad helped, again.

Was puzzling over what to plant in the remaining quarter of so of vacant gardening space. I’ve got trellises for green beans and yard-long beans. Beds for bush beans: wax and radar (a sort of family heirloom). Beds for Swiss chard, spinach, carrots, radishes, beets, onions and herbs: chives and basil. Hills for crookneck squash and patty pan squash. Rows for tomatoes (15 plants and five varieties: Tommy toe, stupice, purple Cherokee, brandywine and black brandywine), tomatillos and romanesco broccoli.

But what about that vacant space?

Tried melons, cucumbers and watermelons last year. Can you say disappointed? Never had much luck with corn. And I’m not into the pepper-growing scene. So unless I want to grow potatoes, and I don’t this year, all of my veggie wishes are accounted for.

What about that vacant space, smack in the middle of the veggie scene?

I’ve been thinking flowers. And while chatting with Dad during our Sunday morning talk, he mentioned how delightful he’s found it to garden and tug at weeds with flowers around. Done. I’m planting flowers. To the nursery this morning to figure out what flowers (marigolds are a must). So now I’m hopeful that my gardening harvest will include weekly flower bouquets, too. Garden butterflies and bumble bees would be a nice bonus, too.

Happy Mother’s Day.



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