Is it bad luck if…

I meant to break it. But, instead, it busted?

That’s what happened with a project gone bad this afternoon. But first, let me back pedal and catch you up.

Reckon I need to see myself while I practice belly dance. And this has led to some high-powered reflections on how to mirror myself, although it can be fun to watch my shadow dance against the wall. Ponderings have ranged from stacking and tacking mirrors to my final solution: Snag an old house window and replace the panes with mirrors. (At the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store, you can snag a four-pane, four-foot high window for $9.)

With my old window fortified and ready, I figured cheap wall mirrors, the kind you can snag at a big box for $6, would be the perfect solution. Remove frame. Measure and mark mirror. And cut with a glass scorer (on top, in the case of mirrors). Install and tack in place. Then hang and enjoy. Simple.

Trouble is that industrial glue from the cheap-o mirrors. Three of my four buckled, busted and shattered — all leaving too little to salvage for my project — when I tried to rid them of their frames.

I’m back to the drawing board, already out more in mirrors than I spent on the darned window.

So does this count on the mirror and breaking and back luck scene?

Maybe I don’t want to know. I’d be shattered…



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