QOTD: Driven to open up

From a conversation with my best guy friend last night. He’s a SoCal dweller and was chatting with me while he drove home after a dinner out. I was describing an interesting gentlemen who I had a wine chat with over the weekend and I asked my friend to close his eyes while I told him about the man’s disparate duds (bib overalls, poet’s beret and more). My friend:

Christy, I’m driving 65 mph. I don’t think it would be a good idea to close my eyes right now.

Touche. And I’d have felt mighty guilty had he plowed into a semi while I described a wine conversation.

More: Now I’m beginning to, some seven years later, lose my SoCal sensibilities that think nothing of driving 60 miles for an hour’s dinner and driving 60 miles back home. I can’t go back there. I think of the time I’d rather spend doing something else, the carbon wasted and a slower pace (off a concrete treadmill) that suits me better.

But whether you’re driving, biking or walking, methinks a pair of opened eyes is a good idea. It’ll at least save a pound of flesh.



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