Farmers Market booty

(Kicking myself over the whereabouts of my camera. Sigh.)

First day of spring and the opening day of the Vancouver Farmers Market. Explored it with the pug, who was in sensory overload, and snagged beets, onions, morels, honey, an opal apple (had to after the farmer offered a juicy slice) and lavender body oil.

A tip from the mushroom man, who described in vivid detail the banks of the river where he found the mushrooms a day or two ago: Rinse twice to rid ’em of the riverbank sand. Slice in half and soak for an hour or two in salt water to plump them before cooking. Will do. Puzzling over what to make with them Sunday night. I’ll come up with something.

Now for an indoor gardening start. I’ll sow most in the ground next month. But at this moment, it’s all about tomatoes. Will see how well I did on the seed saving front. If I can find that camera, I’ll post photos of the tomatoes’ progress. Grow. Grow.


P.S.: Looks like I’ve saved waaaay more Brandywine and black Brandywine tomato seeds than I’ll ever need. Ditto with a sunflower variety that I dubbed purple-leafed because, well, the leaves are purple with multiple smaller yellow-orange blooms. If you’d like a seed packet or two, drop me an e-mail at christy (dot) lochrie (at) gmail (dot) com.


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