Unpeel this…

Realizing that my dream life is alive and vibrant again. (It retreated for a few months several months ago.) Last night I dreamed about onions (something I happen to be out of at the moment). In the dream, I found them everywhere — in a garden-related setting. Beautiful, plump, green tops and curvaceous bulbs with thick, papery skin. I was delighted at the finds in my dream, so I’d nix the notion that it signifies layers of emotional angst — at least in the present. Maybe it’s the rooting around in my childhood for my memoir project and the flow that I now find myself in. Don’t know. Don’t need to know. I’m enjoying the mystery, the dreams and, most of all, the flow.

Still, I couldn’t help but google. And here’s one interpretation of onions on the grow in a dream, although it doesn’t address unearthing them or neat stacks of the freshly dug, piled inside of a wheelbarrow. (Have I mentioned that I’ve also got the gardening bug — bad?)

If you see them growing, there will be just enough of rivalry in your affairs to make things interesting.



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