In the garden with Eden

Meant to post this link long ago but the month got away from me. From the Feb. issue of The Sun Magazine, an essay by Frances Lefkowitz from her upcoming memoir. I read this essay one evening in Port Townsend, my window open to a rain-heavy wind, which gusted my curtains as it filled my room. I wrapped myself in the hollows of her words. And found an empty comfort.

If you’re able, do buy the magazine, which has the entire essay (the online version truncates). It’s worth the $5 or so for the issue — and the entire essay.


An excerpt:

Life is not a book. It doesn’t get divided into fifteen cleverly titled chapters and an epilogue, with a mounting conflict, epiphany, and resolution. Instead we take a step backward for every one we take forward, and often what we think is an epiphany turns out to be a fleeting moment of insanity. I’d had these realizations before, instances of clarity when I could see that the world was neither for nor against me. And little by little I’d inched forward — or sideways, like a crab, looking back while moving on a diagonal. By now I understood that my problems were both inside me and outside me; that psychology and economics and belief all played a role; that the world was unfair but not unworkable. …


2 Responses

  1. Hi Christy– you may be interested in joining a group of Portlanders and Vancouverites for a monthly discussion of The Sun. We have met three times so far and at our last meeting invited Jackie Shannon Hollis, who was published in last months magazine, to talk about her submission experience with The Sun. We are a small group. There are about 7 of us but about 3-4 show up at each meeting so far. We take turns facilitating. If you are intereste,d our next meeting will be Saturday May 1st. We meet at 11:00 a.m. and discussion lasts about one and a half hours. We have been meeting at others’ homes and coffee shops. Not sure where we will meet this time. Many of us are writers. I am currently writing my memoir. Hope to hear from you.

  2. Margie,

    Thank you so much for the invite. I’d love to join your discussion. I’m working on memoir, too. It’s my thesis project for an MFA in creative nonfiction.

    I’ll pencil this on my calendar and get in touch with you. Thank you again.


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