QOTD — mismatched shoes…

(Permission to share was granted, not that I need it.)

From a tele conversation with my dear friend, Lynn. He was commiserating about the fairer sex when the topic came to a “player” acquaintance of his, who, with the flick of his fully-loaded phone, was trying to set my friend up on a double date. Lynn, who holds fast to romantic ideals, was not amused by the situation.

I don’t want to be hooked up like a pair of mismatched shoes,” he groused into the phone.

That’s when I told him that he may not be so lucky in love (my God, the ledges that I’ve talked him down from over the years; he’d say ditto for me), but he’s got a hell of a silver tongue. He told me to grab my pen and then blog it. Consider it done.



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