More for the I-don’t-get-it file:

Beautiful day today in Vancouver. Spacious blue sky, light breeze, blooms everywhere — it feels as gentle as a butterfly’s sigh. And lots of people out enjoying it. Which brings me to the file point:

While out with the pug — he had a “date” with Lucy, an adorable 5-year-old pug who seemed to think he was a hottie — we spotted a mother-daughter lounging on the grass overlooking the Columbia River. And a stout kennel alongside them. I laughed and bet there was a cat inside the kennel. My friend shook her head, figuring I was probably right while all of the cascading “why” thoughts rushed ahead. Then the little girl leaped. In hot pursuit of a long-eared, gray bunny, whose cotton tail was, always, just out of reach.

I had to watch this scene, the girl chasing, the bunny thumping just out of reach, seeming to invite a dinner-time chase. To my amazement, no untethered dogs took the chase. Heck, even the Power Pug was oblivious. The bunny thudded back to the lounging mom and his mobile hutch, glad, I’ll bet, to have the chase over.

But I’m still left pondering — why?



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