Yes, but not with closed eyes…

I have a theory about food and, well, intimacy. I’ll leave some of that to your imagination. Just enough to tease the palate. But let’s just say that when someone savors one, he savors it all. Which brings me to a just-read passage from Ruth Reichl’s “Tender at the Bone.” My only quibble: open your eyes…

Reichl, experiencing French cuisine for the first time at her friend’s home. The friend’s father, amused and taking immense satisfaction in watching and guiding her culinary exploration, is speaking in the first quote:

‘Close your eyes,’ he commanded as I took the first bite. I did, and my mouth closed over the hot, fragrant air only to have it disappear at once. But the flavor stayed behind, the chocolate reverberating from one side of my mouth to the other. I took another bite, hoping that I could make the texture last a little. I couldn’t, but I kept trying, my eyes closed, until my spoon went back to the plate and found nothing there.

And this is why fast-food — almost never (like once every four to six months) — touches my lips.

Happy meals.



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