Cover story

Been awhile since I had a mag cover story. I do again. If you get a chance, check out my VBJ Health Resource Guide story about looking — and BEING — healthy during these stressed-out times. (Here’s what stressed me out about the story: Giving them my photo for publication with the story. Yikes!)

The story’s aimed at job-seekers who have found the earth shifting beneath their feet in these recessionary times. But it holds true for everyone, I think. Bottom line: Take care of yourself — body, mind, spiritually and emotionally. Eat — real — food. Rest. Exercise. And find stress reliefs, such as yoga (I may actually give that a whirl, although I’m in love with belly dance at the moment and it’s looking like a lasting love) or other activities that help to center and balance you. If you smoke, give it up. Ditto with an overabundance of liquor. Instead, drink water. Lots of it. And smooth on the sunscreen.

And missed telling you about my VBJ story about the changing face of the cosmetic surgery business. It’s here.

Soggy Friday.



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