Well, f*** it…

As I come back to life after a residency that was both exhilarating and exhausting, I’m savoring what I’ve learned / been exposed to. Way too much to blog about — and it would bore most peeps. But I’ve got a soft spot for poetry, even though I haven’t written a line of it since junior high school. So it thrilled me to take in a blues poetry workshop (and, later, poetry reading) with poet Gary Lilley. Out of all of the blues poems he shared, “Feeling Fucked Up,” a poem by the late Etheridge Knight, resonated the most. It was the power of the raw emotions that Knight funneled into his work that struck. And that, Lilley said, is the trick / task when emotions run high: Find or create a form to contain those emotions so they can jump off of the page. Which is cross-pollinating into my work.

Enjoy Tracy Morgan’s rendition of “Feeling Fucked Up.”



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