Obama on Haiti

I’ve seen editorial space given over to political and community leaders in newspaper opinion pages. But I don’t recall ever seeing a feature article, a cover story no less, given to a sitting president in a news magazine. I’m sure it’s happened. But I’ve never caught it. Until today.

If you haven’t read President Barack Obama’s cover story article about why Haiti matters and his relief and rebuilding plans for the nation, which was decimated by a 7.0 earthquake a week ago, check it out in Newsweek’s Jan 25 issue here. Meanwhile here’s an excerpt.

In the aftermath of disaster, we are reminded that life can be unimaginably cruel. That pain and loss is so often metered out without any justice or mercy. That ‘time and chance’ happen to us all. But it is also in these moments, when we are brought face to face with our own fragility, that we rediscover our common humanity. We look into the eyes of another and see ourselves.

With thoughts and prayers for those desperate to rebuild their shattered lives.



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