Pot, meet kettle: Cruel remarks regarding reporter’s death / Limbaugh’s health

Heard on NPR — and then read on Politics Daily — Melinda Henneberger re: the cruel online comments about the death of Deborah Howell, longtime newspaper woman, how it translates into complete incivility and the pondering of what’s at work when we wish those who we disagree with personal harm. Nodded in agreement, especially when Henneberger said that standards are no more an imposition on free speech than “no shirt, no shoes, no service” is for restaurant patrons who expect a dining experience coupled with a modicum of civility. Then she brought up Rush Limbaugh and yours truly had a pot-meet-kettle moment. There was the tweet at Limbaugh’s expense that I chuckled at and had to pass on — to the Twittersphere and on Facebook. And it wasn’t a get-well-soon expression. It didn’t wish a man who I don’t care for harm. But it was close.  May you get well soon, Mr. Limbaugh. Even though you’ll never find a fan in me.


Henneberger’s column. An excerpt:

So, what to make of this? Assuming we are not becoming a nation of psychopaths, are we trading our humanity for a little negative attention? Do people just not think before they type? Or, even if they don’t really mean such meanness, do they not worry that someone who reads it might?

Amen, sister. To readers who think it is their God-given right to throw rocks on our site, under the cowardly cover of anonymity, think again; this is a business, and some modicum of civility is our version of “no shirt, no shoes, no service.” It is also something more, and in our imperfect way, we are trying our best to give all sides their fair shake, and to make this one place where those who might not agree on the issues can at least, we hope, agree not to wish one another harm. And to those who are constantly threatening to take their clicks and go elsewhere when their more pungent, “Pls. die soon” comments are deleted, I say: Promises, promises. This is really not the site for you.


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