Facebook: OK, I take it all — well, most of it — back

Tiptoeing into Facebookland, an adventure that’s taken me more than a year to wet my big toe in. I’ve been one of those staunch Facebook scoffers, figuring peps ought to put in face time if they want to nurture friendships. And then there’s the, well, you know, troll set. But ‘nuf about them.

What fun to reconnect with high school girlfriends. And, hey, Zeus had to get in on the action, too. (Zeus Powerpug-Lochrie, if you’re looking. Yes, I’ve become one of — those — people. Listed him as my son. Pot, meet kettle. I believe I’ve thumbed my nose at the pets-as-children set and here I am.)

So I take it all — most of it, anyway — back about Facebook. Won’t proclaim love with it. But I’m in a deepening like.

In other news: hot chocolate season. Forecast for the next week (ha! next months, likely): Highs of the 50s and rain. Lots of rain. Loving Trader Joe’s Natural Mint Cocoa. Whipped cream topping a must.



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