Yale women settle; I’m done, too

The Yale women who were the target of sexually harassing, vulgar and frightening slurs — including rape threats — have settled with a “handful” of their anonymous attackers, according to the Hartford Courant. As you may recall, many of the women’s alledged harassers were their law school classmates. Federal court filing here.

Think it’s only the frat set who engage in this sort of behavior? Hardly. Here’s my former newspaper colleague, Thom Gabrukiewicz, who participated in my online sexual harassment and cyberstalking, admitting to his trolling ways with a one-time R-S colleague: Thom’s e-mail about the anonymous harassment of a colleague and his (un)thoughtful wishes for his editor and HR director. (You’ll recall Mr. Gabrukiewicz’s  wish for the deaths of 10, unnamed folks, his crazed state, relationship with Ms. Beth Doolittle-Norby and his wish to piss on an editor’s grave.) (Doolittle-Norby’s pseudonym claims: Blogger profile No.16265222704741832864, claims name as Beth Norby, claims name of Boots and Hilda on Gabrukiewicz’s blog. Doolittle-Norby’s letter to me following her table-storming at a burger joint, note that it disavowals contact page 1, page 2 and page 3)

Unless provoked, I’m considering this done. Laws will — and are — catching up. But I’m told that, while I could go after the individuals in a civil suit — Thom Gabrukiewicz, Valerie Ing-Miller, Beth Doolittle-Norby — that it’s pretty difficult where my one-time employer, The Record Searchlight, is concerned. (Federal law gives you 90 days to file; California’s window is one year.) I’m not interested in a civil suit with these individuals. I want them as far away from my life as possible. I still, however, find my former employer’s conduct unconscionable, including their hands-off-it’s-not-my-problem ways. Keep that in mind, women, when applying for newspaper reporting jobs with Scripps.

Still, you’ll forgive me if I find it bullshit that Mr. Gabrukiewicz, who, along with Mr. Ryan Sabalow, hoped that a union with “Guido-like” blowhards, ready to twist the arms or other extremities of “problem” management (not an environment I wanted to work in as I rather liked my editor), appear to have gotten away unscathed. For the record, I don’t believe that Mr. Sabalow had — direct — involvement. But, like Mr. Gabrukiewicz, Mr. Sabalow was quick to use a little in-her-place intimidation with me for being a reporter when it came to Ms. Doni Greenberg’s — very public — separation from the Record Searchlight. Likewise, Mr. Sabalow was miffed with my complaints about Mr. Gabrukiewicz’s conduct.

Speaking of Ms. Greenberg, a former colleague, and Ms. Kelly Brewer, former editor, ladies, please check your ethics. I believe that your hypocracy slip is showing (you do recall that former R-S sports editor and a restraining order, right?). It’s also an inconvenient truth that both Mr. Gabrukiewicz (were plans for his contributions to your news cafe in the works while he was sitting in the R-S’s newsroom, contemplating  death and a graveyard piss?) and Ms. Doolittle-Norby (PDF of a more original form of the constantly morphing blog here and Death of a newspaper here) worked for you folks. I’d like to believe that it’s all a matter of happenstance. But you’ll forgive me if I shuck that thought and reach the conclusion that your fingerprints are on the sexual harassment and intimidation that I experienced. Oh, dear, another hypocrisy slip, Ms. Greenberg? (Sometimes those trolls you spoke of are in the same room, even the same newsroom.) And, yes, I did adore you, Ms. Greenberg. And I’ve never, even now, wished you anything but success and happiness.

And, finally, Mr. Marc Beauchamp, it might behoove you, in your reporting / blogging, to disclose when  it  involves your previous dating partners (Oh, have I neglected to mention that? I was trying to forget. I believe another of your former dating partners, also a one-time colleague who says she sought a restraining order against you, is trying to do the same).

As I said, I consider this matter closed. Unless provoked. And I never have made a very good victim, although, on occasion, that hasn’t stopped individuals from trying.


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