Face it: Some people just shouldn’t be on Facebook (or any social networking site)

Hindsight may be 20/20, but some online blunders can land you in the slammer. Just ask Maxi Sopo, the 26-year-old Cameroon man who, with the help of a sidekick,  feds allege, heisted some $200,000 from Seattle-area banks in a fraud scheme.

Sopo’s downfall, besides creating a profile which cataloged his partying ways: He “friended” a man met at a Cancun nightclub who happened to have a Justice Department connection. And, when contacted by the feds, the “friend” dished info, which led authorities to Sopo’s apartment door, according to an Associate Press story.

Who needs “America’s Most Wanted?”

Another entry for my I-don’t-get-it file.



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