Tough times

My story about One Life, a nonprofit that harvests and plants crops to help feed Clark County residents who have turned to emergency food assistance boxes, is in today’s Columbian. (Beautiful vid by Troy Wayrynen, which accompanies it, too.)

Stats that came in too late to get into the story: Some 28,000 of  Clark County’s estimated 127,208 families sought emergency food assistance in fiscal year 2009, which ended in June, according to the Washington (state) Department of Commerce. Clark County saw a 12 percent increase in emergency food assistance over 2008 figures; statewide, demand is up 15 percent with some 1.45 million of Washington’s 6.5 million residents seeking food assistance in 2009. On average, a family sought help five times in the last year.



One Response

  1. Just read the article “No charges filed in bicyclist’s death”, very sad. My son was hit on his bicycle coming home from work. The car pulled in front of him turning and he hit the side of the car, smash ankle, surgery, and months before he could walk again. They gave him a ticket for failing to yield the right of way. Makes me sick to think of how anything different from the lowest common denominator is ignored in our culture. Like those who ride bikes, or those that need food.

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