Breaking up is hard to do — especially w/ Facebook

Great NYT article about Facebook quiters last week. Some of the reasons for quitting: It transformed otherwise normal people into snoops (and they didn’t like seeing the voyeuristic side of themselves), the scene looked desperate, fear of stalkers, privacy compromises, disillusionment / outrage with all of that corporate information mining.

An excerpt:

Another (Facebook) friend, who didn’t want his name used, found that Facebook undermined his whole notion of online friendship. “It’s easy to think of your circle of ‘Friends’ as a coherent circle, clear and moated, when in fact the splay of overlap/network makes drip/action painting a better (visual) analogy.” Something happened to this drip painting that he won’t discuss. He said, “Postings that seem private can scatter and slip unpredictably into a sort of semipublic status.”


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