Naked sushi in the city

Next time you find yourself in Berkeley for, say, a digital storytelling class, and you get a hankering for sushi, which is bound to happen, you might want to think tako — as in Tako Sushi.

The little hole-in-the wall joint, pigeon-holed at 2519 Telegraph Ave., has lured me in twice in as many days. The miso soup is served up with fresh-chopped green onions, the edamame hits the table with steam droplets still trapped on the pod fuzz and the Crazy Horse rolls — well, you’ll have to try your own tuna, hamachi, salmon and masago combo to experience the butter-like texture of the sushi and the gentle crunch of the roe. But the best part: You can feast, empress style, for about $10, which, I’d guess, is why the college set hang out. (Starving student specials can be had for under $5.)

For more info, call Tako Sushi at (510) 665-8000. Map. Web site. Reviews.



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