Heard on the street…

A friendly old gent stopped me on the street this afternoon. His grin, a mischievous mixture of seen-the-world-and-I’m-still-smiling-anyway and school-boy imp, lured me in. He glanced at the waddling Power Pug (the kennel was almost too good to Zeus, who’s a chow opportunist by trade), and postulated: “Do you know why dog is man’s best friend?” he said, eager to fill me in. I said I didn’t, which is true, especially when Zeus raids the bathroom garbage can or rummages through dirty clothes.

“Because he wags his tail and not his tongue,” he said.

I smiled, nodded in agreement, and continued on my errand. But he had another one for me.

“You look like a smart girl,” he said.

Well, of course I’m smart. His statement stroked the ego, which I knew, somehow, he was poised to deflate.

“What month has 28 days in it?”

I thought for a moment. February, of course, and told him so. His eyes glinted and I immediately saw my error.

“They all do, of course,” he said.

And so they do. We waved. And I wondered: What’s his story.



One Response

  1. Как сказал один мудрый еврей – и это пройдёт…
    Всё верно – у нас это не только развлечение, но и работа, следовательно – на моря!!! 🙂

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