Rubber Room pics needed

From the inbox, a request for pictures from inside of New York City’s Rubber Room for an upcoming documentary. Related post.


Greetings All,
Five Boroughs is pleased to announce that we have completed the first cut of our documentary The Rubber Room. We have been receiving a lot of emails over the last few months inquiring about the release of the film. Although we don’t have a specific date at present, we have never been closer. So to our eager audience we say thank you for your support and interest and just hang in there a little longer!
Although the editing process is not quite complete, we are looking for some help from those of you who have had the unfortunate experience of being reassigned to the Rubber Room. So, we are putting out an APB! We would love to review any photos or videos from inside the Rubber Room for potential use in the documentary. Some people have already provided us with some invaluable images from inside the Teacher Reassignment Centers, which has really proven to elevate the quality of the film. Although we will not be able to provide financial compensation for the usage of such images, proper consideration will be given (if desired) to any individuals providing materials used in the final version of the film.
We are specifically looking for images (photo or video) inside the Rubber Room. More specifically, individuals engaged in everyday activities, images that demonstrate the conditions of the room, or simply images that convey the space in which working professionals are being kept. Also, please be assured that considerations can be made for concealing the identities of any persons appearing in, or providing the images.
To this point, this has been a real grassroots project that would not have been possible without the participation, generosity, and courage of people who have been reassigned. We are calling out to you once more to really help make this project a success!
All digital content can be emailed to me at


Jeremy Garrett
Executive Producer
Five Boroughs Productions


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