Take a hike…

falls-006I wish I could show you the mossy ferns, the hollowed-out trees that look like the perfect hideaway spot for a leprechaun and clouds that hung, at times, like cotton blanket over the gorge at Horsetail Falls near Portland, Ore. I wish I could share the sensation of mist as it coats your face, falls as they thunder across a hollowed-out cave that you’re standing in and the muddy trail as it slops beneath your feet.

I wish I could show you the slow rumble of ocean liners as they slip up and down the Columbia River, headed to and from the Pacific Ocean. And I wish you could feel the texture of moss-covered trees beneath your hands. falls-019

You’ll have to travel to Horsetail Falls, Ponytail Falls and Triple Falls for yourself if you want those experiences. And I hope you do.  Meanwhile, here’s a video from today’s hike. (Look closely for Zeus; He wandered into the frame when we were in the cave under Ponytail Falls.) Enjoy.



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