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Out of nothing more than pure laziness, I just subscribed to the Sunday New York Times. (I want to snatch it from my doorstep instead of a news rack.) And the deal seemed OK: half off of delivery for 12 weeks. But when I reviewed the account with a NYT customer service rep, I was perplexed. They’ll charge $3.40 for 12 weeks and then the subscription will go up to its “normal” rate of $6.80 a week.

“But it’s $5 at the newsstand,” I protested.

“That doesn’t include home delivery,” she countered, and pressed through a litany of important-to-her information.

I didn’t point out that my Rolling Stone, Newsweek and New Yorker subscriptions are less than newsstands — even with home delivery. Maybe I should have.

Fine. Delivery it for 12 weeks. And after, methinks I’ll take the walk to the newsstand. Then I can get a cup of coffee — AND a NYT.

File this under: I don’t get it…



2 Responses

  1. Hey Christy,

    Those Sunday NYTs weigh a lot more than a Rolling Stone or a Newsweek. I’ve schlepped one in a backpack on a bicycle and can attest to how encumering it can be!

  2. Still, usually a subscription brings a price discount — not a premium…

    This is akin to charging $15 to ship a Netflix movie for the convenience of watching it — at home. Give me a break.

    Grumble. Grumble. Grumble.


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