IDGIF: Little woman

Another for the I-don’t-get-it file:

Why would someone who’s scratching out an automotive quote also scratch on the little woman chalk board while he’s at it? Did he suppose that I’d blush, worship him and his self-reported above me expertise, a position that would require I nod my empty head and bat my eyelashes at his masculinity? Or did he really believe his own bullshit enough to think that I’d go merrily down his proposed path of condescension, auto repair and belittlement?

I was polite. And chose to save my energy for more productive things than telling him off and setting him straight. (Really, would expressing my displeasure at his treatment change him? Doubt it.)  The mechanic who listened, understood my position, wants and needs (and who, conveniently, is half a mile away and independent) gets my business. And I’m willing to wait the two weeks until he’s available to do it.

My pocketbook, used as an social policy instrument. A mechanic’s clipboard, used as the same.



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