Can you do it? We couldn’t…

The boyfriend and I sauntered to the Mount Shasta Mall a few days ago for a peek around and an after-dinner walk. That’s when we ended up in Macy’s, peering at the endless racks of fine men’s clothing. While he looked for style, I surveyed the “made in” tags (a venture that he eventually took up, too). And took a jaunt around the world. The duds were made in China, Indonesia, El Salvador, India, Guatemala, Egypt and some countries that I’d have to consult an atlas to locate. But not a one that we found was made by U.S. workers. From Levis to Jerry Garcia  ties, Tommy Bahama shirts to American Rag, it was all, every last stitch, crafted and shipped from abroad. We couldn’t find one men’s wear textile that was made in the U.S.

Outsourcing, streamlining and a flattening world at its finest. Little wonder that our economy is in a free-fall.

Food for thought: If the government’s budget it a policy-making political tool, so, too, is every American’s wallet. Each time we open it, we’re voting. But what are we voting for? Or against?



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  1. This is the boyfriend speaking. I can assert that our extensive but unsystematic search for men’s garments made in America at Macy’s yielded nada. I would point out that I did locate a lovely Kitchenaid mixer that was assembled in Ohio. Of course, the countries that manufactured the components of this high quality appliance remain a mystery. I recently purchased some very good tires that were made in America at Big O.

    People always want a bargain. Corporations like profits. Outsourcing accomodates both of these drives with one strategy to maximize both. However, there are obvious and tremendous costs. We have job loss, trade deficits, loss of a national sense of self esteem and identity and huge carbon foot prints from shipping all of our goods from the other side of the world. Sometimes the raw material comes from North America and is then processed or manufactured in Asia and shipped back here. this is a huge carbon foot print. It is often hard to do the ethical and patriotic thing and to buy lcoally or even to make your own when possible.

    Munching on Arugula and Mizuna from my garden,

    The Boy Friend.

  2. Touche…


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