Bad santas and a bad move

It was a day or two past Christmas. The boyfriend and I, cocooned in a car on a SoCal freeway, listened with rapt interest to a This American Life story on NPR about mall scenes — which included a group of grumpy Santas who took their not-so-merry quarrel online. The bad Santas posted naughty pictures and tales about one another, some anonymous, too. (But doesn’t Santa see and know everything?)

Weird, we thought. But, through the personal and professional lens of 2007/2008, not all that surprising.

Still, I wasn’t prepared to read that online sexual harassment and defamation had wormed its way into the sport of — chess? New York Times story about the U.S. Chess Federation’s struggles here.

Come on. A beef is one thing. So is lively commentary about a disagreement. But what’s with the online begrudgery that degrades to cyberstalking,  cyberharassment and cyber sexual harassment? Good grief. Both Santas and chess masters have gone cyberpsycho. And become cybertards.

More fodder for the bulging I-don’t-get-it file…



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