Record redux & green savings, too

If vinyl records make your soul spin and saving green is as important to you as going green, lend me your turntable. The downtown Salvation Army store in Redding has enough LPs to keep you spinning through the new year, with more arriving daily. And at 25 cents a record (take that iTunes), it’s good for the pocketbook — and treks down Memory Lane.

Bonus track: You might find yourself sifting through the stacks with other musicphiles. I spent a delightful hour on a recent afternoon with a regular (who says that his wife will slay him should he bring home any more vinyl; I hope he made it through the holidays, considering the stack he walked out with.) He helped me peruse the stacks for 1960s rock and folk and 1970s country for Dad’s turntable.


If you’re going to land some vinyl:

What: Salvation Army thrift shop

Where: 1557 Pine St., Redding

Tele: (530) 243-7514

Album redux cost: 25 cents an album; they’re tucked away in the back room, next to the furniture. Tip: Look the albums over for the usual vinyl defects, like warping and scratches.

(Update / correction to the Salvation Army’s address at 5:38 p.m. on Jan. 5, 2009)


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