iPod loading

The best gifts, I think, are the ones experienced. Music. Books. An evening to remember. And objects that work in tandem with those experiences.

That’s what had me busy updating Floyd, the iPod, yesterday. Dad gifted me with “The Essential Jefferson Airplane.” He swears that “they” don’t make music anymore like the hippies and the outlaw country movements did. Maybe not, since the 1960s ushered in social and political change at breakneck speed and the music was, often, at least part of the messaging system.  But there’s plenty of music that matters today. And with the flattening of the music distribution system, where artists can play for and sell directly to their audience, good stuff doesn’t have to be homogenized for the masses or locked into a payola system to get disc jockey airtime. It’s out there. Ready for discovery. And a chance to play.

Keiko Matsui isn’t part of the political protest genre. But her jazz fusion lights another kind of fire. It flows, ebbs and whisks you away for a musical and emotional journey. And while loading up Jefferson Airplane, I figured it was time to get my Matsui CD in the library as well. (Saw her in 2003 at California Theatre of Performing Arts in San Bernardino(image here), an eye-popping venue itself.) And shared her musical poetry with the boyfriend last night. He said he enjoyed it. Hope you enjoy her — and this clip —  too.

Here’s to sharing experiences. And a wish for many happy ones in the new year.



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