Stuff for two bucks or less…

A two-bucks-or-under list to warm your frugal soul on this chilly morn:

  • A cup of coffee at (insert your favorite) coffee shop (skip froufrou concoctions) and conversation.
  • An artichoke at Win-Co.
  • A daily read at Gannett Blog, where Jim Hopkins, former Gannett editor and reporter, keeps readers informed about the goings on of the Gannett newspaper empire — and humbly requests a $5/reader quarterly donation to keep it going. (That’s pennies a day.)
  • A share of E.W. Scripps Company, SSP, which is selling at $1.77 , down $47.50 from its 52-week high of $49.26. (Hey, that’s less than a newspaper subscription to the R-S, which is going for $43.50 for 13 weeks, and comes out to change a day, too.)
  • A gallon of gasoline, but don’t bank on it staying there. (Fills up the scoot now, though.)
  • Two trinkets from a dollar store.
  • Daily living expenses for half of the world’s population.



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  1. Thank you, so much!

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