Tipping points?

There’s a — little — good news on my personal horizon. Lots, really, if I chose to focus on it. But I’m distracted. And wondering which of the following will be the tipping point du jour or more fodder for the current stew:

  • Bernard L. Madoff, an ace Wall Street trader, was arrested Thursday morning on charges of a multi-billion (yes, that’s a B) fraud scheme. By some estimates — not even the investigator knows how far the tentacles reach and how much was bilked — he’s accused of defrauding investors out of $50 billion dollars. Story here.
  • Kirsten Weir’s article in Salon.com  got me rattled over global warming and the  melting methane hydrate, which just takes a spark to ignite into a fireball, that may unleash as plumes of the bubbly escape under the Arctic Circle. (Story here.) And no help that I’m winding through “Hot, Flat and Crowded.”
  • Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich — still — won’t vacate his office after he was arrested Tuesday on charges of conspiracy and soliciting bribes. Blagojevich is accused of trying to sell the Senate seat vacated by President-Elect Obama. Blagojevich’s refusal to leave has Lisa Madigan, Ill Attorney General, petitioning the State Supreme Court to have Blagojevich 86ed. Story here.
  • Bank of America announces it will kick some 35,000 workers to the curb over the next three years as it merges with Merrill Lynch & Company. (Story here.) (Wonder if they’ll try a Republic Doors and Windows move on their sheded assets employees. Previous blog entry here.)
  • KB Toys files for BK (really, this time), taking with it not only an assortment of cheap plastic toys, but some 4,400 full-time jobs and 6,500 seasonal ones. More: The company also reportedly plans to sell Creative Innovations & Sourcing LLC, a wholesale distribution company that ships goods for CVS  and QVC. AP story here; WSJ story here.
  • Congress says no deal on the auto industry bailout; lame duck president and Treasury Department say a short-term allowance may come from the already-approved financial institution bailout funds. (The funds that financial institutions constricted that furthered the mess and did nothing to help the average Joe who was, say, working in a Chicago window factory.) Story here.



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