And on it goes…

The Record Searchlight failed to respond to the EEOC’s offer to mediate my charge, even after they requested — and were granted — an extension. It has been turned over to the EEOC’s enforcement unit for further investigation and, thus, is ineligible for mediation, according to an e-mail from the EEOC this morning.


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  1. I work for XXX (Christy here: edited the company’s name.) and i was charged with sexual harassment and violating company policies. . thanks to the cowardly managment in charge I was able to get away with it. because I’m black with a violent bullying attitude i put those peeps-queaks in their place. But there is an EEOC investigation pending and I hear there could be retaliation as a result…my doctor told me not to get off my psychotropic medication for my violent behavior. but that’s hard to do because i feel better when i’m off my medication.

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