Morning and happy Thanksgiving. The boyfriend’s at my side as I type this, rubbing my back, and, although he doesn’t know it yet, is about to help me construct a what-I’m-thankful-for post.

Let’s see how we do. First, I’ll write something that I’m thankful for and then I’ll pass the baton (but not the keyboard) to him.

Me: Family and the foundation they gave me to make me who I am — tossed in with a heaping helping of backbone.

The boyfriend: My family that spans the continent, but yet stays in touch.

Me: A power pug that snorts, spins and insists on his share of fried eggs

The boyfriend: Tuxedo, the cat, who beseeches me for kibble twice a day at my back doorstep and — supposedly — keeps my garden rodent-free.

Me: The wisdom of good friends. As my best friend once told me: Sometimes you have to find things to be thankful for, look for them, even if it means being thankful that there are no holes in your underwear.

The boyfriend: Secure employment at a job I love with my favorite colleagues. (Christy here: He’s a lucky brat.)

Me: The art of communication, paying attention and listening.

The boyfriend: At this very moment, I am happy to have Christy at my side. There’s no telling what she will do next and I’m OK with that. I’m happy to have Peet’s coffee in my favorite dragon cup.

Me: A understanding boyfriend.

The boyfriend: I’m grateful that I have a garden with vegetables in it and it’s almost December. I hope that’s not entirely because of global warming.

Thanks so much for reading, folks. And have a great Thanksgiving Day. Also, if you see yours truly ringing a Salvation Army bell tomorrow, be sure to stop and say hello. And, if you can, offer a bit of thanks to those less fortunate folks who the Salvation Army helps with their kettle drives. I’m thankful that we can all pull together to help one another in this time of economic crisis. And I’m thankful that you’ve read.



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