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Finally, the yippee news: I resigned from the Record Searchlight today – effective today.

As many of my friends know, this was a difficult and emotional decision to make. One that didn’t come easily. But I made it. And, finally, life can move on. The moving on part is the yippee news.

I’ll miss the friends that I made in that Twin View Drive building in Redding, Calif. And I’ll never forget the patience and support of my editor of five years, Damon Arthur. I owe much to Damon, who deftly edited my copy, challenged my intellect and stood behind my work and me. Thank you.

And thank you, too, Maline Hazel, for helping to round out my reporting repertoire. Another professional – who has mighty good musical taste, too.

Andreas Fuhrmann, well, we grew up – journalistically – together at the R-S. Thank you for your partnership on projects that matter.

Thank you, too, to the reporters, editors and copy editors who shared their professionalism, unique perspectives and, of course, friendships. You’re never far from my thoughts. Especially you, Mutley.

My reason for resignation, of course, is two-fold: Sexual harassment, orchestrated by a couple of Luddite colleagues who, like many of us in the business, were unhappy with industry changes. But, to my puzzlement, they figured that I was to blame for all that ailed and frustrated them. Add in a lack of management support in the burgeoning field of cyberstalking and cyber sexual harassment and some retaliation thrown in on the side, and that relationship, I think, is beyond repair. (Yes, the EEOC charge continues. I’m told that it’s going to mediation and, I hope, we resolve it there. I’m determined to see it through.)

That’s not to say that I hate the R-S management team. I don’t. They’ve got a heck of a task ahead of them both in trying to please investors and serve a community that depends on them. It’s not an enviable position. And at the risk of sounding sentimental, it’s a patriotic calling, one that our communities and our nation needs. (All the more reason that Wall Street demands sadden me.) It’s my hope that, whatever the medium, solid journalism has a place in our society. And I’m confident that the professionals at the Record Searchlight will give it their all.

But that’s their calling now. Not mine. It took some nine months of fights, depositions and more to settle my Workers’ Compensation claim. (A claim that, from the beginning, the R-S’s HR department told me was not a valid claim. Determination. Don’t be afraid to stand up for your rights. No one else will. And if you want a Redding-area Workers’ Compensation attorney recommendation, e-mail me.)

Soon, I’ll start the next chapter.

Of El Camion Vacilador and travels with Zeus.

Thank you for the memories on this part of the journey. And keep the faith.


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