SCCAR presents cyberbullying event for teens (parents welcome, too)

Shasta County Citizens Against Racism (SCCAR) will be hosting a free cyberbullying seminar for teens from 10 a.m. to noon on Saturday, Nov. 15 at Sequoia Middle School in Redding. Representatives from the Shasta County District Attorney and from the Redding Police Department will speak with teens about cyberbullying, social networking and information sharing.

Fran Brady, SCCAR President, said in the announcement: “Cyberbullying is a subject at the heart of SCCAR.   The Internet provides the opportunity to practice hate in secrecy.  It has removed the cover of darkness and hidden faces by providing a margin of safety in launching a hateful attack.  Hate is not an acceptable social interaction and SCCAR will always take a stand against it no matter what form it may take.  SCCAR’s intent is to provide education against hate to assist the community in keeping our youth safe. The youth is our most valuable resource.”

 Registration is recommended, but not required. Please call 242-0979 for more information.

 This is an ugly and growing threat — for everyone. And the more we talk about it and share strategies to combat cyberbullying, the better off we all will be. Take it from someone, long past her teen years, who’s experienced cyberbullying and cyberstalking (at work and with the collaboration and assistance of workplace colleagues), it’s a big deal. And it needs our attention. If you care about a teen, please, sign her up for the seminar. And I’ll see you there.




Flyer text below:






November 15, 2008: 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.


Sequoia School Library

1805 Sequoia Street, Redding  CA


GRAND PRIZES: MP3 Players and Flash Drives


What is Cyberbullying?

How to surf the Internet with safety?

Who can help if you become a victim?

What are the dangers in using your cell phone?

Why do people spread hate over the Internet?

How can you protect yourself and your friends?

What to do if your become the victim of a Cyberbullying threat?


Cyberbullying is working in secrecy to attack other people.  Many of these attacks have been deadly.  This is a FREE educational event for all youth.  Information gives you power!  Get the tools to fight the unknown attackers.  Protect yourself!

Sponsored by:

Shasta County Citizens Against Racism ■ Youth Violence Prevention Council

Shasta County District Attorney’s Office ■ Shasta County Public Health

Redding Police Department ■ Bob and Jean Blankenship


For more information call the SCCAR information line (530) 242-0979


*Mark you calendar for January 2009 for Abuse of Prescription Meds—A growing Teen Trend, presented by Youth Violence Prevention Council and Public Health. 




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