Rants R Us: You mean pyramid schemes collapse?

Say what? You mean that a free-for-all market economy could – gasp – be a bad idea. That while competition is a good thing and can bring out the best in people, that unfettered greed leads to collapse? That a parasite will eventually kill its host by, say, shipping jobs abroad while continuing to hawk its products in a marketplace with emptying pocketbooks? And that you can’t build a sustainable economy by always reaching for more – more profits, more productivity, more with less… 


Scary times that we’re living in.

To wit: My stepmom, who has for years worked in SoCal property management, is used to the cyclical nature of the housing market. Depressed real estate values push people out of homes and drives up the cost of rentals. But now the rental prices are sinking – and investors, who were sold on housing-prices-will-only-rise doctrine – are upside down in their rent to mortgage ratio, have given up and left jingle mail (walked away from their investment and payment) for the bank or are facing the harsh reality that no one can afford their couple thou-a-month McMansions. And the parcelled boxes stay vacant. Enter renters who find themselves moving from home to home as their landlords, even with rent paid on time, face foreclosure and the tenant, through no fault of her own, faces another moving day. 

But, wait, wasn’t last Monday’s Whitehouse news all about how the nation’s economic fundamentals were just peachy and there was nothing to see. Or fret about?

Depression? Nah, this is worse, methinks. 

Meanwhile, back on the kitsch front, one can bypass the real issues and pick up Sarah Palin action figure dolls. Nothing like objectifying a woman – and skirting issues – to avoid the hang-over inducing fact: Party’s over.

And the rant’s over, too.

Pass the aspirin.



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