Writing as a spiritual path

I was first introduced to Natalie Goldberg some eight years ago by a dear friend and mentor who suggested — insisted — that I read “Writing Down the Bones.” 

“You’ve got to be kidding,” I thought when I found the deck-of-playing-cards sized book. But my friend and mentor had never led me wrong and I figured that she likely hadn’t this time, either. Since, I’ve been a fan of Goldberg and also worked through and loved “Wild Mind.” (Her latest book is “Old Friend From Far Away.”

Looking for a bit of multimedia for a potential project and decided to see what’s out there in the way of writers talking about the creative process. Julia Cameron, the famed author of “The Artist’s Way,” Vein of Gold” and lots more, is there, of course. But I’m drawn, again, to the gentleness and thoughtful pace of Goldberg. Hope you enjoy this video. And, as a dear friend has always said, “Writing — especially writing the truth — takes courage.”

To a new and creative day.



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