Signs that it’s working

It’s a funny thing, working on my sea legs after base sexual harassment and employer abandonment. (Nope, it’ll take a bit before I stop hammering that – in some ways I’ve only begun.) This blog helps. But I wanted the blog to be more than a self-serving mission, although it is partly that. I want it to be a place of empowerment, resources and, admittedly, a place to practice my craft and publish whatever is rattling through my mind.

At some point, I’ll shift some of the agency links and news feeds to Just please bear with me. Nothing is happening very fast in my world as I continue to work on recovery and working within my value structure.

I haven’t posted links to this blog anywhere. That’s been purposeful. I figured folks who wanted to find it – 150 found it by plugging my name into search engines – would. And that includes my pet hecklers, I’m sure.

Welcome, one and all.

I’m happy to say that it looks like some of my objectives are beginning to pay off, at least if hits to some of the links that I’ve provided are an indication.

Doni Greenberg’s column  about anonymous newspaper comments, which are sexually and racially harassing, is the top hit, after my Web site and ClustrMap links.

That’s followed by Silas Lyons’ column about online comments being worth the mess and his blog that essentially says the same thing. (Although comments were disabled when a jail inmate committed suicide.)

But down a bit farther, just past the top 10, are clicks that warm my heart. Readers are clicking on the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing links (including the complaint form) and the Equal Employment Opportunity links (see right sidebar). I’m hoping that’s the beginning nibbles of a stand-up-to-harassment trend. And not just sexual harassment. Protected groups include over 40, religious, gender, race, disability and more. Don’t be afraid to raise your voice, ladies and gentlemen. It’s only your life and your rights that we’re talking about.





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